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Welcome to the international website of the Christian Community!

Information on specific countries and regions as well as links to their websites can be found under the menu point "Regions".

The Christian Community works for a renewal of Christian life. It brings together individuals in its communities who seek to become Christians in a form appropriate for our time.

In the center of religious life in The Christian Community is the new service of worship, the Act of Consecration of Man.

The Christian Community represents a worldview that sees the Deed of Christ as the decisive and most important event in human history.

The founding of The Christian Community is indebted to the advice and help of Rudolf Steiner. The spiritual science he developed (Anthroposophy) provides the foundation for an expansion of theology, that in turn makes possible a new understanding of Christian truth and scholarship in a form befitting our times.

The Christian Community was founded in 1922. From its founding, it has been an independent Christian church.

On the following pages is a more comprehensive description of The Christian Community and an overview of its activities.