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Financial Concept "Foundation The Christian Community (International)"

Our aim is to finance the tasks of the Foundation on a long-term basis.
The commitments of the Foundation follow from its purpose, or rather that of the Council (delegates from all regions worldwide) in accordance with its constitution.  Both are very broadly conceived...
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Aspects of Dealing with Finances within the Christian Community - a work paper -

At the joint meeting of the Circle of Seven and the Executive Council in July 2007 the following topics, among other things, were discussed:

  • How are parishes financed?
  • What is our ideal in dealing with money within the Christian Community?
  • What do we think on the subject of: supplementary jobs for the clergy?

We arrived at the following conclusions...
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Thoughts on Brotherliness in The Christian Community
or: The Association between “Free Congregations” and the Entire Community.

In the first lectures held in June 1921 for the future founders of The Christian Community, Rudolf Steiner speaks of the main task:  forming community and founding “free congregations”.  At the same time he points out the necessity...
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Retirement Agreement on an International Basis

Description of Cost-Sharing of Priest Retirement Between the Regions and the Foundation.
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