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Priests receive their training at The Christian Community's own seminaries. Since the beginning of The Christian Community men and women have entered the priesthood on an equal basis. Training in another profession often precedes study at the seminary, and as a rule, education beyond secondary level is required for admission. A full training in English is now possible.

Besides theology courses, the basic four year course of study touches on the questions of natural science, social sciences, and philosophy. In addition, artistic exercise in the fields of speech, movement (eurythmy), music and the fine arts is considered essential. Classroom work is offset by shared tasks in daily life and in community internships.

Length of study varies according to the individual's biography. Life experience, maturity and a feeling for religious transformation in one's destiny often carry more weight than years of academic studies. The seminary leadership accompanies each student with individual counseling and determines his or her aptitude, progress, and possible changes in study. The leadership of The Christian Community has the final decision on suitability for ordination.

Conferences that provide an orientation about the priestly vocation are held regularly in North America and other parts of the world. More information can be obtained by contacting the following seminaries directly:

The Seminary of The Christian Community

15 Margetts Road
Chestnut Ridge
NY 10952
Telephone: 1-212-877-0208



There are also seminaries in Germany, in Hamburg and Stuttgart and a pre-seminary in Cologne.

Stiftung Priesterseminar Hamburg
der Christengemeinschaft



Freie Hochschule der Christengemeinschaft




Proseminar Köln